babywolfgang (babywolfgang) wrote,


i always want to be one of those people who updates their ljs all the time, b/c i so appreciate the existance of such people, especially when i'm being all procrastinaty late at night. so i'll write some junk and maybe it will distract someone for a few blissful seconds.

and i can think of nothing. except for the fact that gap makes curvy jeans now, which has completely changed my life. really. nothing else.

i wish i had mroe time to write this paper. i could enjoy it if i didn't have to vomit it out at 1am. it's for the one class i actually enjoy and i am too busy with giant fish theater to do anything except paint a lot of shit gold. but in other news i might have two jobs next quarter, and direct a show, and take classes, and do giant FOTA project. and lose my mind.
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