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it's kinda a miracle i'm still alive after last night. let's just say the sketch factor was way high, but i used some of the skills i acquired in madrid to fend off the sketchy guys at the club. and then there was that free bottle of belvedere at the hotel bar where we wound up... oh, and the champagne

so i spent most of the day recovering from last night and sharing stories/filling in the details with everyone else. my new favorite hangover food is savory dutch pancakes filled with spinach and cheese (with sweet banana/chocolate/ice cream ones for dessert). then we watched some of sarah's er episodes and i proceeded to not finish my paper. but i feel pretty prepared for the first day of victorian lit tomorrow, so at least i did something.

also, i am officially going to budapest for five days in the begining of november! i bought a plane ticket and made a hostel reservation (for 10$ a night!) and tomorrow i will celebrate by buying a travel guide.

AND, i may have found inspiration in more than one area. am pondering it over and will be sure to let you all know when i've processed it all.
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