babywolfgang (babywolfgang) wrote,

freaky deaky

so i'm walking down the street, talking with some friends, and i see a man walking towards us. i'm thinking to myself "he looks like someone i know" and then he comes closer and i realize it's fucking rob chaskin!* we both just stand there with a dumb look on our faces while my friends are very confused by my being stopped by random middle aged man. there were mutual "what are you doing in london?"s ("meeting a colleague" was his enigmatic response) and that was about it. he was obviously meeting his colleague right then and i had a meeting to go to so we parted ways. just a bit of randomness on an idle thursday.

also, i reallyreallyreally love everything to do with the victorian era. i don't know if/how this will change my current life plan, but i am in the midst of thinking through it.

*Hitchcock Resident Master**, for those of you not in the know
**faculty member who lives in the dorm and "facilitates the life of the mind outside the classroom" (read: gives us food and cheap tickets to cultural events), for those of you even less in the know
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