babywolfgang (babywolfgang) wrote,

R. Mutt

so i've hit a wall. the paper i have that's "due" friday is not going to get done friday. i know that no one else is turning theirs in on friday and that the professor has given us about seventeen different ways that we could turn it in after friday and that this friday "deadline" is only because he's leaving the country the next day but i still feel a little guitly about not getting it done. i just really need a weekend to work on it. part of this guilt comes from the fact that i am way too tired to do any actualy work now, so i still have the reading for tomorrow that's unfinished, as was the reading for today's class. and some of the reading for my paper (but only one poem that i migth not include anyway and is really not a central part of my argument). but i just took a big nap, which is helping things, and am about to go watch britain's next top model and then a movie that's actually assigned.

i did actually do something worhtwhile today, which was my visit to the tate modern. it's a really giant, rambly place and there doesn't seem to be any specified starting point or ending point for the collection. it's not grouped chronologiacally or by any other discernable method of organization, just in vague groups like "urban, suburban, and rural" and "composition and assembly." but once i stopped fighting the museum and just resigned myself to the constant discovery of new rooms i really liked it. there was one dimly lit room of rothkos in which i could have spent an entire day just sitting and absorbing the energy. spekaing of energy, the museum itself used to be an old power plant and the glass and wood stories of the exhibit halls are kind of interwoven with this very industrial space. and the building hums (much like the harper library) which i rather really enjoyed. and everyone their seemed to be sketching the artwork and talking about it. i was probably the nosiest museum i've ever been too, but i liked the casual atmosphere of it - more like an industrial playground than a sacred space. i had a cappuccino in the cafe while reading and waiting for the rain to stop. the rain never stopped. got quite wet walking to the tube station and then wet again salking from the tube station home. i had a giant meal at five and am hungry again. time for cheese.
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