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so i have one third of my paper wiritten and i am currently employing the 1:1 work:procrastination ratio, meaning that since i've worked for an hour or so i can fuck around for an hour or so. my weekend is totally shot. writing papers in foriegn countries is my new least favorite thing.

but i had some escapades yesterday, which makes life a little less sad. after class yesterday (and i'm not even going to discuss the depression that has resulted from michael murrin being removed from my life) i ate a giant indian veggie burger thing that was possiby the best food i've ever had in my life and then watched the new pride and prejudice. i was kinda expecting to hate it, but kierra knightly doensn't suck and the mr. darcy was really good. not colin firth good, but by the end of the movie i still wanted to do him even though he had a big nose. and the best part was leaving the movie theatre and being in london. sometime i forget that i'm here, especially when i'm in enclosed spaces and surrounded by chicago people, but then i walk outside and am here and just think to myself "wow, i forget that the world is this beautiful."

after the movie (and all the squealing that followed) i came back here, switched groups of people (we've gotten clique-y, which i hate, so i'm consciously trying to make the rounds) and went to the globe to see measure for measure. i'd seen the show at chicago shakes. last spring and didn't find it that amazing but i LOVED this one. i'm glad that i saw a comedy at the globe because they really played well off of the audience and it made standing there for two and a half hours less sad. the show was really good and the actor who played the duke/friar was excellent. the last scene of the play just filled me with riddiculous amounts of joy and the audience went wild at the end. they took at lest four bows and did a little dance and the audience was still clapping just as hard. then the duke/friar came out and asked for our donations to help with this project that they've started to work with people in mental hospitals and bring theatre like this to them. and everyone that i saw was giving them money, which made me even happier. best theatre high i've had in a long time, which just reminds me of how much i would love to live in that world for the rest of my life. and it was socially aware theatre, which made it even better. hooray for making the world a better place through art!

so we leff the theatre and walked along the south bank and looked at the loveliness of london and i danced around and sarah, betsy, and caitling laughed at me and i laughed at me and we ate greek food and drank wine and then hopped on the tube for a while and came back and slept forever and was still full of joy when i awoke but now i have to work more on this paper and am a little sadder about life but the world is still beautiful so that's ok.
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