babywolfgang (babywolfgang) wrote,

weather and water

so i'm blowing this popsicle stand and going home for the weekend. i was talking to emily about how she's going back to VA and thinking about how lila will be eaten by q2q and how i really don't have anything to do besides work so i decided to steal rufus and drive my butt back to peoria. and then i thought about all the wonderful things i could do at home this weekend. like see my family. and buy so much shit for ivona. and skate. and do laundry (for free)! this is really the best decision i've ever made. this quarter has been so stagnant. it's not really bad or sad but i've been doing nothing but applying for internships and getting my proposal together. next quarter and this summer i'll get to enjoy the fruits of my labor, but now i don't really have anything that exciting going on. but next quarter is going to rock. i'm so excited about this prospect that i might just overnight my goodman application and go the mca some other day so i can leave first thing in the morning. i wonder how much that would cost....
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